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Communal Stair painting

Communal stairwell Distemper and flaking paint

As you can see on the picture on the left, the paint is badly flaking and in a state of decline. This is caused by the application of distemper from a time when the stairs were painted in the 19th century.  Distemper is an old type of simple paint which consists of whiting and glue. 

Distemper was generally found in older properties and used commonly up to the 20th century before more commercial easy to produce paints such as vinyl and acrylic arrived.  The problem then was the emulsions and acrylics could not adhere to the distemper unless the surface had been properly prepared and sealed and this results in the flaking of paint that we most commonly see in communal stairs throughout Edinburgh. The surface needs proper preparation and sealed before using emulsion or acrylic paints.

Pentland painting and decorating are experts  when it comes to painting communal stairs in and around Edinburgh.

Should you need any information regarding  forming a owners association in order to help you organise and pay for your communal stair painting then take a look at Edinburgh Stair Management for FREE guidance on setting up an owners’ association. This association will commission, approve and pay for all work carried out on the property.
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