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Dust Free painting and decorating

The benefits of dust free sanding
Our dust free sanding & preparation service evacuates toxic sanding dust from the orbital sander via hoses to the extraction unit. We can use it on any surface that's got to be prepared with filler or plaster before painting and decorating.

Going dust free reduces the risk of Asthma attacks, and other possible allergic reactions to the dust created by conventional sanding methods.  The extraction unit captures harmful dust produced from drywall sanding or any type of wall/surface sanding and allows home owners to be free from potential toxins at all times.

Another benefit is that adjoining rooms are unaffected by the circulation of dust – furniture, fragile artworks, or other household items aren’t cloaked in dust.  The system also eliminates the need for you to clean up afterwards only for the dust to return an hour later which is a pet hate of many home owners who've had tradesman working in their homes.

No more toxic and dangerous sanding dust and no health issues. Just a newly decorated dust free home.

If you require our dustless service then please contact us and request it.  Dustless decorating doesn't cost any more than tradition sanding methods it just allows us to have the system ready for work on your project.
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